Registration and Login

How do I start using Vanijya® ?

You can become a user for free and after login you can start working.You can create a support ticket else Watch the steps in online store for FREE which can be connected to Google automatically upon authenticating with Google Merchant Centre account , also Google Ads can be run. You can promote your Store for FREE on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media platforms. There is a premium version of Store which has more advanced features and also complete ERP to manage your Billing and accounting with GST returns. Recharge option is available on the Footer for premium version .

Why is the Online Store Free?® ?

To Create an e-commerce store for your business you need to spend around 15K to 50K still you don't know whether it will be a success. To help business start getting traffic and sales online we have introduced FREE online store which can be created in minutes and managed via a mobile app alongwith a web portal. When you start receiving orders and sales from your FREE store the server power provide by us gets exhausted and then you can recharge with Rs. 1000 to add more server power or subscribe our Premium Store version with number of features and a complete ERP and accounting software to manage all your business needs. But in case you do not get business from online store thus no visitors then you don't have to spend a single rupee and store will be LIVE till its a success.

Do I need any extra hardware or software installation ?

Our software resides and runs on Cloud. Hence, you do not need any extra hardware or software installation, you just need Internet. Even if you do not have Computer system of any kind then Tablet will be an economical and handy option. The app is available at Google play store.

What if I need help getting started?

If you need help setting up your account, or have any questions about using Vanijya®, Our support ticket is free forever — so don’t hesitate, raise a support ticket our representatives will reply you within 48-72 hours . We have introduced affordable one time store setup service for you.

Can i Run Google Shopping Ads on FREE Store?

Yes you can submit your products on support ticket Google Shopping on just fee clicks this video which will then auto updated by the app , also you can run Google Shopping Ads on Free store.

Can i attach a custom domain to FREE store?

Yes you can attach a custom domain to your FREE Store and its SEO ready too, video tutorial for the same has been provided on our YouTube Channel Watch the video .

Is it Payment Gateway Enabled?

Yes you just have to connect your bank account with simple steps , if you need help you can raise a support ticket else Watch the steps in this video.

Is the Free Store SSL Enabled?

Yes when you don't connect to a domain its SSL enabled but when you connect the store to a custom domain you can add SSL for FREE check this video for simple steps.

Is the any Option for Credit Management when one does not need an online Store?

Yes there is a Free Application within this app named as Khata Credit which can be used to manage credit sales and even receive the due by sending due with payment link on Whatsapp number of your customer. check this video for this FREE app.

What is the benefit of Premium Store Application?

When your store starts working you need to manage invoice and accounting which is provided in the premium version, here you can manage accounting, inventory and much more with zero accounting knowledge. Also there are host of features for your store in the premium version check this video for Premium Store Features.

What is difference between Standard & Premium Support ?

Standard Support comes with every package which includes unlimited Support Tickets(answered within 48-72 hours), Video Tutorials & Software Updates. While Premium Support is for Telephonic support throughout the year which is immediate without waiting for 48-72 hours , you can raise support ticket you will receive a call or you can call and mention reference of your support ticket for better resolution, here you will receive remote connectivity guidance as well. Prices of Premium Support varies as per the Package or Subscription.

Software Trial and Subscription

What happens to the data at the end of the trial period ?

At the end of trial period, you can recharge under the package as per your need. If you do not want to continue still your data and login will be available for a period of 1 year, in this period you can start using it again if you wish or you can take the data on your computer from the Backup Data option in Tools.


Can I use Vanijya® on all the browsers ?

Yes you can use all browsers but the application will work on Firefox and Google Chrome in a better way.

Can I open reports in a different tab ?

Yes, you can open and do voucher entry of the same in multiple browsers at the same time.

Security and Data

How secure is my Data ?More Info

Vanijya® rides on secure servers with multiple backup , the data is as precious to us as it is to you. For security of transactions, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information you send to us electronically, till you do not share your password no one can login to your account, even our technical team can't access your data as it works on the consent of public and private key and till the password i.e. your private key is not known to other he/she cannot access your data .

What if the Cloud shuts down?

We understand that no one can promise eternity, but the risk can be reduced. We have given backup data option in tools option for your convenience, so that you can easily switch into other software.

Pricing Plans

Is there a set-up fee?

No. There is no set-up fee for any of our plans, the software is completely free and we are offering the cloud data storage, support and updates at just 8-10% of pricing for such facilities.

Can I change my plan at any point?

Yes, you can change .We have customised options for business into any type of trading retail or wholesale,billing,service sector,business renting products,small manufacturing or job work related business, business who have to prepare multiple bills every month, payroll management, manpower outsourcing firms. Also a new verticle for schools has been started recently which provides complete school management system.

Pay for what you are using?

We have add-on options to add users to your app , generate payroll, use inventory,bulk billing , SMS. All features as add-ons to your subscription, like you subscribe an additional channel for a small amount on DTH for your TV and whenever you dont want you can drop the facility ,add it again, increase or decrease it even. This will enable you to pay for usage and features according to your business growth and in any slow period or season of business you have to pay less.

How can I make payments?

You can make payment online by using credit card, debit card, net banking , UPI, By Cheque, Voucher.

Software Queries

How to Register ?

You can register very easily through your mobile number , an OTP will be sent to your mobile number, you will be registered in single step upon verification of OTP.

What if I forget my password ?

Go to the link on Forget password on your login screen, then input your User ID , an OTP will be sent to you on the registered User ID ,upon verification of the OTP you can reset your password.

I want multi user version of software ?

We have option to add user to the app on very nominal price , you can add as many users you want and also can stop using them when you need , you can add or disable users on your wish. Add Users by the Recharge -> Add-ons and number of yours you want. Then in Tools> Users you can create new users. We have recently introduced economical packages for users requiring more number of users which can be seen on the Pricing tab as Corporate & Ultimate Plans.

How to enable GST ?

You can enable using GST through "My Company" , also you can add all the details about your company, even if you want to work in the old tax system you can select "Apply Old Tax System" .

Can I file GST return from the software?

Yes ,you can file GST return on single click. You have to provide your registered username which was made while creating GST registration and the related PAN account number in Settings > GST Settings option to start GST return filing.

Can I Generate E Way Bill from the software?

Yes ,you can generate E Way bill and it will be automatically printed on the related invoice .

What if I don’t know rules of GST ?

You don’t need to worry or learn rules of GST which the software will take care and will not let you make any GST related error.

I don’t have knowledge of accounting?

To operate vanijya you don’t need to possess accounting knowledge , vanijya is zero accounting error software.

I have a new business and want to start using software?

Register to use vanijya , Create a bank account if you have and then through the Journal Option select in Debit Capital Accounts and in credit side select Cash or Bank account opened and input the amount.

I have an old business and want to start using software ?

Register to use vanijya , Create a bank account and then if you have your last financial years closing balance or balance sheet , then input the opening balances, Of bank through bank master by selecting existing bank, Customers( Debtors) by creating customers as existing customers, Suppliers ( Creditors) by creating suppliers as existing suppliers, Stock of items by creating items in Settings->Purchase -> Apply Inventory - input the items, its cost price and stock, for other ledgers by Ledger Account for Assets and Liabilities.

How to take backup ?

We provide backup in excel format Go to Tools-> Backup to take backup any time. Your data is safe on our servers , multiple backups are being saved every hour.

How to change Financial Year ?

Go to Tools-> New Financial Year.

How to access & Enable attachments ?

Attachments can be enabled by settings , if you want to enable all attachments at one time then go to Tools-> Attachments . Also you can search and download all attachments.

How to add new features in Sales, Purchases, Income, Expenses, Bank Cash ?

Through Settings option you can add many features.

How to add payroll feature?

To add payroll feature you have to addAdd-on Plan-> Payroll, through which manpower outsourcing companies can manage their manpower, billing and accounts , alongwith EPF and ESI.

How to add Bulk Billing feature?

To add payroll feature you have to add Add-ons Bulk Billing, through which all those service providers like courier agencies , or any other monthly service provider can create multiple bills on single click , email the bills and also send SMS to the customer.

Can I send SMS for the bill generated ?

Yes, you have to add sms Add-ons, and from Settings -> Alerts -> Enable Message Alerts, you can start sending SMS to all customers or selected ones on generation of bill.

How to ask for Support ?

Through the option "Support" you can raise a support ticket , our representative will call you if needed or reply on the support ticket within 24 hours.

How to add logo of company to be printed on invoice or Bill ?

You can add logo of your company on the dashboard left side below menu "Purchase".

Do I have to make any settings if I am registered as a composition trader ?

Yes , Tick the checkbox "Select if registered in composition scheme" and update. Note: composition scheme if for only traders and not service providers.

I have to input the Receipts or advances received ?

You can input all the receipts whether from customers whom you have sold on credit or any advance through "Receipt/Income" option by selecting "Receipt Tab".

I have to input the Payments or advance paid ?

You can input all the payment whether to suppliers whom you have purchases on credit or any advance paid to supplier through "Expense/ Payment" option by selecting "Payment Tab".

What is Bank / Cash option for ?

Through "Bank/Cash" option you can input all cash deposit to bank , cash withdrawal and any transfer from your one bank account to another bank account.

What can I manage from Expense Tab in Expense/ Payment option ?

Here you can input all the cash expense, expense made by bank , expense made on credit and any outstanding expense. Also you can input purchases of assets from this form.

What is Debit/ credit Note option for ?

Through this option you can make Sales return, Purchase Return . For sales return select "Credit Note" and for Purchase return input select "Debit Note". You can also input the advance taken from customer if paid back or receive back any advance paid to the supplier.

What is Rental option for ?

Rental option is for all those business who are renting any item , to enable this option go to Settings -> Purchase -> Apply Inventory , then you will see a new option of Rental in the main menu.

Can I manage my salesman account ?

Yes you have to "Enable Salesman" option in Settings-> Sales and create a Salesman. Now in sales form you can select this salesman and its commission . It will automatically reverse the commission when the sales return takes place.

Can I restrict the user to view or access an Option ?

Yes the Users rights are dynamic, means you can define what to show to the user and what not to show anytime you want through , User Rights option in "Users Management".

Can I print three copies of invoice ?

Yes you have to enable Copies that you need from Settings -> Sales.

Can I modify the Terms and Conditions ?

Yes you can modify it from Settings -> Sales.

Can I Set my invoice numbering ?

Yes you can set your invoice numbering from Settings -> Sales.

Can I add discount options in Sales and Purchase ?

Yes you have to "Enable Discount" from Settings -> Sales or Settings -> Purchase. It will be displayed only after you add item in Sales or Purchase.

Can I have roundoff option ?

You have to Enable Roundoff in Settings -> Sales or Purchase or "Receipt" or "Payment" or "Debit/ Credit Note".

Can I Reuse , Sales or Purchase entry ?

Yes you have to first "Enable Re- Use Entry" from Settings-> Sales or Purchase and you will have an option in sales details to reuse the entry on selection.

Can I show bank details in invoice where my customer will make payments ?

Yes enable "Show Bank Details In Invoice" in Settings -> Sales . It will print the selected bank account on invoice.

Can I add signatures to Invoice ?

Go to Settings ->Sales enable "Add Signature to Invoice " and select your scanned signature.

Can I create proforma invoice ?

Yes you have to "Enable Challan/Estimate" from Settings -> Sales , you can choose you name which will be printed on the print . You can also make a real invoice of the Proforma invoice/ Estimate / Challan of needed without new entry.

Can I input estimate/ challan/ proforma invoice to purchase ?

Yes first enable Settings -> Purchase " Enable Estimate/ Challan" . You can also convert it to real purchase when required on just selection.

*Conditions Apply